LOGAN, W.Va. — Police in Logan County arrested two students in connection to a bomb threat made at Logan High School Thursday.

The juveniles are male students ages 15 and 16, according to authorities.

Students at the high school and the surrounding schools were placed on lock down earlier in the day after school officials discovered the threat.

“They found a note posted on a locker that says ‘I’m gonna blow the school up,’” said Logan Police Chief Kim Harper.

Harper told MetroNews bomb threats are becoming more common in West Virginia schools. He said it seems students accused of committing the crime think of it as a practical joke.

“Kids are just copycats,” he said. “A kid sees some kid doing something somewhere else and then they think that’ll be cool to do in their school. I don’t think a lot of these kids realize the seriousness of it that you could get somebody hurt.”

Harper said they were able to take the two juveniles into custody and recover evidence in less than a half hour.

“Until we can prove otherwise, we take it as a substantial threat,” he said.

The Logan County Fire Department and the West Virginia State Police also took park in patrolling the halls to protect the safety of students and faculty.

The two students are charged with making terroristic threats.