MARTINSBURG, W.Va. — During Tuesday night’s Berkeley County Board of Education meeting Superintendent Manny Arvon discussed next year’s proposed budget cuts, and the measures the schools will have to take to help with the slated $250,000 hole in funding.

Arvon said that the school aid formula is currently set up to allow for a number of teachers per 1,000 students, but that ratio is being lowered by 0.8% to about 1 teacher per 1,000 students.

Because Berkeley County has grown by over 600 students since 2014, Arvon said those numbers are worrisome.

“In times where you’re losing population, it’s OK to do a reduction to staff, but when you’re at capacity and you’re continually growing, that’s not good news,” he said after the meeting.

Arvon went on to say that Berkeley County Schools typically hires 100 teachers a year, so hiring fewer teachers to instruct more students is going to be a difficult task.

The Board of Education has been meeting with the principals of Berkeley County schools to get their input on the reduction of staff that will occur next year.