Bigger schools equal bigger problems. Why do you think there are police patrolling the halls?

For the last few years I have read and heard about the antics of the Fayette County Board of Education. I had high hopes that common sense would prevail on the consolidation issue. Apparently that particular commodity is absent or in short supply.

They have a vision for Meadow Bridge High School. It is known as tunnel vision.

The only possible advantage I have heard mentioned is a better education. I can debunk that myth from personal experience. I went to Meadow Bridge schools for 12 years. My kids went to public schools in one of Maryland’s more prestigious counties. You know about Maryland because that is where our teachers go for better (more) pay.

Did they get a better education? Without a doubt they did not. Nor did not experience the camaraderie that I did. They didn’t know all their classmates and, even today, are not in contact with any of them. Sad is a word I would use to describe this situation.

If they are not going to geta better education, what are they going to get? Nothing that I know of, but I can name several things they are not going to get. They aren’t going to get more time with their families at this critical stage of their development and chances of being involved in an accident would be doubled due to distance and terrain to be traveled. Are classes to be canceled because MeadowBridge buses can’t make it?

I know some kids stay in school because of sports. Combine four schools and you lose 75 percent or three out of four positions for football. That means you would lose 33 first stringers. Are they going to be cheerleaders or band members? The same ratio would apply to all sports. Those who did get to play would have difficulty getting to and from practice. It could be a problem for their fans to attend. The ones who are not good enough to play will find an outlet for their excess energy, and it will unlikely be a good thing.

Bigger schools equal bigger problems. Why do you think there are police patrolling the halls?

More buses, more drivers and more fuel. Buses will last half as long; diesel fuel price will rise in the very near future. It could very well double in five to 10 years.

My conclusion: There are no firm reasons to consolidate. There is no such thing as un-consolidate. It is permanent. The Fayette County Board’s only agenda is to consolidate. Nothing else matters.

R.D. McMillen

White Sulphur Springs