BROADBAND PROMISES, BROADBAND DREAMS – There Goes Net Neutrality, Big Money Takes Over

If the FCC’s decision stands, we’ll no longer have safeguards that stop big internet companies from doing things like throttling our bandwidth or even blocking or favoring some websites over others. This decision will have real, everyday impacts on everyone who uses the internet.

By Bob Weaver

While rural states like West Virginia continues to struggle to get real broadband, it’s hard to believe, the Trump administration has done away with Net Neutrality, which is a give-a-way to large media corporations to parse the speed and service of the current Internet, making customers pay more, more, more for “better” service and new products.

The FCC’s so-called “Restoring Internet Freedom” does exactly the opposite and is set to go in place April 23, essentially creating a “pay to play” system.

Between now and then, Congress can choose to pass legislation that overturns the FCC’s overturning of the Obama-era net neutrality rules, but President Trump supports the new repeal and would not be expected to sign off on such legislation.

The publication of the FCC’s new order does, however, mean states and advocacy groups can now officially launch suits to stop it.

Twenty-one states signed a petition in January declaring to sue, and the Internet Association, which represents Google, Microsoft, Amazon, Facebook and other tech companies, has also said it will support judicial and congressional means of getting the order thrown out.

Championed by FCC Chairman Ajit Pai and passed through the commission last December by a vote of 3-2, the new net rules lift regulations that barred internet providers from slowing down, restricting or prioritizing content of their choosing.

The big corporations will earn billions more dollars with the move, cementing their power.

Small internet companies and start-ups will suffer, plus the consumers.

The FCC received 2 million fake comments supporting the change, the emails stealing the names and addresses of real people.

Most US polls say Americans disfavor ending net neutrality, it appears Trump’s FCC appointee is on the fast track to help the new multi-billion dollar industry.

Oh, well, public opinion means little these days.

Sen. Shelly Moore Captio (R) supports ending neutrality to promote business opportunities.