Few Oak Hill precincts favored bond

By Sarah Plummer


Individual precinct data from the June 13 Fayette County School Bond Election reveals the bond fared the best in areas touched by the Collins Middle School facilities failure, although even precincts in those areas were divided.

Precinct data was released after votes were canvassed Monday and will be certified by the Fayette County Commission today.

The bond fared best among Ivotronic early voting, where 241 voted for the bond and 183 against.

In terms of individual precincts, thebond had a majority vote in only four. Precinct 13 at Collins Middle School had final totals of 122 for, 96 against. Precinct 67 in the Lookout and Winona areas at a 83-75 vote in favor of the bond and precinct 11 at the Lewis Center in Oak Hill had a 175-123 majority.

In Montgomery’s precinct 47, 34 voted for and 30 against the bond.

Votes were close at the Mount Hope Elementary School precinct 24 with 36 for, 39 against.

All other precincts in Oak Hill, the largest voter base in the county, had between 50 to 60 percent of voters voting against the bond.

At precinct 12 in Oak Hill, the voteswere exactly 140-140.

Unsurprisingly, the bond had fewest votes at Meadow Bridge’s precinct 68, with six voting in favor and 388 against, as well as the Danese/Layland/ Prince area’s precinct 72, with 32 voting for and 347 against the bond.

A total of 37 provisional ballots were verified at the canvassing Monday, reported County Clerk Kelvin Holliday.

Of those, 13 yes votes were added and 24 were no.

These changes bring the final vote count to 4,685 against and 2,884 in favor.

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