Police have charged the athletic director of Gilmer County High School with battery, related to an incident last weekend at the Gilmer-Braxton ballgame in Glenville.
Director Shawn Leo Cole has been charged by the Glenville Chief of Police Brenton Huffman, after the juvenile boy’s mother filed a complaint related to an incident in the school gymnasium.

The complaint, based upon reviewing video footage and photographs, indicates that Cole picked up the player off the floor by his neck and carried him off the gym floor, after he was shooting a basketball.

“Mr. Cole grabbed the ball… and grabbed (subject) with his left arm around the chest…and placed his right arm around area of his neck and picked him up off the floor and carried him off the gym floor and put him down,” says the complaint.

The player was reportedly a middle school student.

The juvenile player’s mother sent photos of her son with what the complaint says showed “red marks on both sides of his neck.”

The juvenile’s mother said she received a text message from Mr. Cole following the incident saying “He was sorry for what happened between him and her son and never meant to hurt him or embarrass him.”

The case will be heard by Gilmer Magistrate Court.