CALL TO ACTION: Meadow Bridge High School Needs Your Help

Meadow Bridge High School had been listed as an isolated school as of last fiscal year.  At that time the school received $100,000 in special funding to supplement the Fayette school board budget.  Rumor from Charleston is that the supplemental funding has been removed from the upcoming budget.  Please email or call the following members of the Finance Committees of the House of Delegates and Senate.  Below are some facts and articles from the Register Herald.  We are asking the finance committee to reinstate and fund the $100,000 for Meadow Bridge High. The Bills are HB 2016 and SB 233.  Use whatever information you need in your email or phone call.  Please share this information with anyone who will call or write.

Facts:    2014

·         Senate Bill No. 306 Passed on March 14, 2014; in effect from passage stated,

·          “From the above appropriation for Educational Program Allowance (fund 0313, appropriation

·         99600), $100,000 shall be expended for Webster County Board of Education for Hacker Valley;

·         $150,000 for the Randolph County Board of Education for Pickens School; and $100,000 shall be for the

·         Preston County Board of Education for the Aurora School; $100,000 shall be for the Fayette County

·         Board of Education for Meadow Bridge;”

Headlines in the Register Herald on March 21 “Tomblin signs budget into law…but vetoes line item for schools in Meadow Bridge”:

By Cody Neff

Meadow Bridge won’t have either its schools become “isolation schools” now that a $100,000 line item was vetoed from the state budget by Gov. Earl Ray Tomblin.  There isn’t enough room in the budget to add the funding, Tomblin said in a letter to Secretary of State Natalie Tennant, formally raising his objections in his line-item vetoes of the budget passed last week by the Legislature…….

Article in paper on March 22 Headline…“Governor’s deputy chief of staff clarifies Meadow Bridge issue”

By Cody Neff

Register-Herald Reporter

   Gov. Earl Ray Tomblin did not veto the idea of giving Meadow Bridge High School money, an official says.  There was never any money to give due to a mistake in the budget.

“I think a lot of people are under the impression that the governor reduced the line item by $100,000 and singled out Meadow Bridge,” Deputy Chief of Staff Jason Pizatella said Friday. “That was not the case at all.  “The Legislature had intended to increase that appropriation by $100,000 because they put the language in the budget bill that said the extra $100,000 needs to go to Meadow Bridge.  They put the language in but they didn’t put the money in.

It was an oversight.  We couldn’t leave language in the bill without the appropriation for it to correspond to.  In other words, if I say, ‘I want you to spend $5 at McDonald’s, but I don’t give you the $5, you’re going to tell me to go kick rocks.”

Pizatella says that’s the bad news of the issue, but there is some good news.

“The good news is that the state superintendent is going to work with Meadow Bridge and the Fayette County Board of Education to make this funding happen,” he said.  “The governor did not reduced the money.  The money was never there.

“It was just an oversight and I know the governor feels terrible about it and he’s been to Meadow Bridge before and he wants to help them.  He has asked the superintendent to work with everyone to make sure Meadow Bridge is taken care of.”  The money would have been used to help get Meadow Bridge more funding, a legislator said.

“The money was supposed to be used so the school would be declared an ‘isolated school,’ Delegate David Perry, D-Fayette said.

“An ‘isolation school’ is a school where access is impaired or very difficult. L It would allow them to receive special allocations to keep them function and operational.”

·         Facts: In 2015 (1)  State Board of Education sent appropriations for Educational Program Allowance (Fund 0313, appropriation 99600)  $100,000 shall be expended for Webster County Board of Education for Hacker Valley; $150,000 for the Randolph County Board of Education for Pickens School; and $100,000 shall be for the

·         Preston County Board of Education for the Aurora School; $100,000 shall be for the Fayette County

·         Board of Education for Meadow Bridge; and $66,250 is for Project Based Learning in STEM fields.


The reading in HB 2016, Section 47 and SB 233, Section 47, all schools and projects are included except Meadow Bridge.  Someplace between the State Board of Education and the Finance Committee, the $100,000 for Meadow Bridge has been taken out.





Senator M. Hall - Chair     (304) 357-7901
Senator Walters - Vice-Chair   304-357-7866
Senator Facemire  (304) 357-7845
Senator Kessler  (304) 357-7902
Senator Laird  (304) 357-7849
Senator Plymale    (304) 357-7937
Senator Prezioso  (304) 357-7961
Senator Stollings  (304) 357-7939
Senator Unger  (304) 357-7933
Senator Yost  (304) 357-7984
Senator Blair  (304) 357-7867
Senator Boley  (304) 357-7905
Senator Boso  (304) 357-7973
Senator Carmichael   (304) 357-7855
Senator D. Hall  (304) 357-7807
Senator Sypolt  (304) 357-7914
Senator Takubo  (304) 357-7990

Committee Members (House)

Delegate Nelson, E. - Chair  304-340-3230
Delegate Ashley - Vice-Chair  304-340-3185
Delegate Boggs - Minority Chair   304-340-3142
Delegate Williams - Minority Vice-Chair  304-340-3160
Delegate Anderson  (304) 340-3168
Delegate Butler   (304) 340-3199
Delegate Canterbury  (304) 340-3131
Delegate Espinosa  (304) 340-3130
Delegate Evans, A.   (304) 340-3399
Delegate Frich  (304) 340-3125
Delegate Gearheart   (304) 340-3179
Delegate Hamilton   (304) 340-3167
Delegate Householder  (304) 340-3274
Delegate Miller, C.  (304) 340-3176
Delegate O’Neal  (304) 340-3164
Delegate Storch  (304) 340-3378
Delegate Walters (304) 340-3194
Delegate Westfall   (304) 340-3140
Delegate Bates  (304) 340-3180
Delegate Guthrie  (304) 340-3156
Delegate Longstreth      (304) 340-3124
Delegate Moye  (304) 340-3162
Delegate Pethtel   (304) 340-3158
Delegate Phillips, L.  (304) 340-3163
Delegate White, H.  (304) 340-3304