Information to consider before voting on Fayette bond

I worked 30 years for Fayette County School system and I am very familiar with their history. The citizens of Fayette County will be asked to vote on a school bond June 13. Fayette has a history of very questionable leadership. I would like to present Fayette citizens with information that I hope they will use in making a decision about the bond.

1. The state has controlled Fayette County for five years. Why have they not done something with the school system? Why should Fayette citizens bear the brunt of the financing building schools? Why do they not build the schools needed like they did in Lincoln, Mingo and McDowell? The state built all the schools in those counties at no cost to county citizens and are still spending large amounts in McDowell.

2. Can we really trust those in charge to spend the monies responsibly? Fayette Schools have a $96 million budget and receive 68 cents of every tax dollar. Will we face the same problems 10 years from now? The same Central Office employees have been there going on 20 years. Why have they let things get in the condition they are in now?

3. The Valley, Fayetteville Meadow Bridge and Gauley Bridge areas are receiving very little or nothing from this bond. Valley was promised numerous improvements when Gauley Bridge High was closed. The football field should have been built years ago with the budget the county has and Valley is in great need of a connecting hallway for their middle school students, as well as a cafeteria for the elementary school.

4. Finally, a very important factor, can the citizens afford the tax increase, plus what school tax we are already paying? With the county receiving 68 cents of every dollar, the bond will make that even larger.

Much information in the Beckley Newspaper is not telling the complete story. This bond will, from information I have received from the State Tax Department, make Fayette the most taxed county in the state. My school taxes that I will have to pay if the bond passes will be $1,147.01. That is a lot of school tax for one year. Some will be lower while others will be higher.

Look at your tax ticket; you can calculate your tax very easy.

I am not telling you how to vote, but I challenge you to look at the above four items, review all the information and make the best decision that you can. I strongly recommend that Fayette County citizens vote on June 13.


Randall Patterson

Meadow Bridge, WV