CHARLESTON, W.Va. —  Gov. Jim Justice’s official account announced a deal in the ongoing teachers walkout in West Virginia.

Teachers will receive the average 5 percent raise they have been saying is the key to reopen schools. And all other West Virginia state employees are also in line for an average 5 percent raise under the deal.

Justice’s announcement was swiftly followed by agreement of a conference committee tasked to work out differences on the pay raise issue.

Both houses of the state Legislature were expecting to suspend constitutional rules, allowing for them to vote the pay raise bill forward with three straight readings. It would then go for the governor’s signature.

“That way, we will know unequivocally that this deal is complete,” said Dale Lee, president of the West Virginia Education Association.

The leaders of the unions representing West Virginia’s educators said they were pleased with the agreement, and crowds of teachers gathered at the Capitol roared their approval.

When the tweet was released, an audible whoop went out in Capitol hallways.

Talk of a possible deal on West Virginia teacher pay swirled all morning at the Statehouse. There was a delay on a conference committee to settle the matter while Republicans caucused in the House of Delegates.

That led some to speculate a deal may be at hand in the walkout that has closed schools for nine days straight.

Both Senate President Mitch Carmichael and House Speaker Tim Armstead are scheduled to be guests on MetroNews Talkline at 10 a.m. Initially, only Carmichael was booked at that time.