Logan BOE Members-Elect Request New Contract Terms For Superintendent

Newly elected officials introduced themselves at Thursday’s Board of Education meeting at Justice Elementary. The BOE members elect also made a request.

On Tuesday, Paul Hardesty, Dr. Ed White, and Jeremy Farley were elected to begin terms with the Logan County Board of Education on July 1.

The three were present at the meeting two days after they were elected.

Each introduced himself, then Paul Hardesty spoke on behalf of the three.

Hardesty said the members elect thought it best to reconsider Superintendent Phyllis Doty’s contract extension. The men requested it be renegotiated from a four-year extension to a one-year extension, which Hardesty said was standard for most schools.

He said with the current state of West Virginia’s economy, the Board owes it to tax payers not to promise money that cannot be guaranteed.

A decision must be made concerning the contract before the beginning of the next fiscal year.

The contract was put in place earlier in the year. The decision was highly contested by members of the Board and the general public.

The next regularly scheduled meeting of the Logan County Board of Education will be May 24 at 6 p.m. at the Ralph R. Willis Technical Center.