Martirano lauds Mineral County for 97 percent graduation rate

By Amanda Mangan in News

KEYSER, W.Va. — State School Superintendent Dr. Michael Martirano says he’ll share what’s been successful with the graduation rate in Mineral County with other counties.

“I’ll be sharing the best practices with other counties and making certain that they are rising to that level,” Martirano said after a visit to Keyser this week.

Mineral County leads the state with a 97 percent graduation rate.

“If every county was doing what Mineral County was doing——in the state of West Virginia we would have some really good days ahead of us,” Martirano said.

Martirano cited Mineral County’s focus on community service as a key role in making the students in Mineral County productive citizens.

Martirano made remarks during Mineral County’s staff development day Monday. He urged the large crowd of educators to refocus on each and every child starting from birth to encourage their education and individual gifts.