Reasons not to support Fayette bond

I would support a fair bond for Fayette County, but there are too many reasons this bond is NOT favorable

• Some schools affected with closure, while others are not. Students asked to leave Plateau area, cross New River Bridge, travel to New Haven area, while middle school students are asked to leave New Haven, and travel the other way across the bridge to the Plateau.

• Not one building less is proposed. Board argued too many neglected buildings to maintain.

• One member ran against closing schools. When his school was not affected, he is now for this for other schools.

• While asking us to pay higher taxes, the superintendent and her husband, Mr. Martin, won’t be required to pay these in Bluefield, VIRGINIA.

• The board closed Mount Hope for test scores and now is rated 54th of 55 counties.

• Mount Hope proposed K-8 and told that couldn’t happen in Fayette County, but now this is proposed for Meadow Bridge.

• I fail to see how giving the BOE additional funding makes them great educators all of a sudden. Improve test scores first. Buildings don’t educate students.

• Mount Hope is asked to support bond for a new elementary, but they promised a new school when the high school closed. The Board won’t commit to site either. Their schools have been targeted for years like having attendance boundaries violated and busing kids away from Mount Hope.

• If one opposes, insults and attacks on their character are made. All you hear is colors, rivalries and nicknames out of them, but if you want support, convince us it is in our interest, affordable and needed.

I cannot predict if this will pass. If it passes, they will have more requests later. They think we won’t agree to $76 million, but $38 now and $38 later? Be honest about tax increases.


Thomas “TB” Brown

Mount Hope