‘Rest of story’ needed to decide what is right

I would like to take the opportunity to continue the comments by Carolyn Arritt from Meadow Bridge. It is difficult to understand why the Fayette County and the state Boards of Education will not give the cost of repairs to Meadow Bridge High School or allow another inspection or observation as I call ZMM inspection.

In 2013, ZMM stated in a report no structural problems upstairs at Meadow Bridge High. The Fayette Board of Education proceeded to replace the roof on the building at a cost of $68,000. In 2014, suddenly they stated that the floor joints had cracks and splits. We requested the specs of the inspection — measurements, wood type and where the problem was and the cost to have repaired. We have continued being denied this information and the right to find it out. All we receive is a report that gives a two-sentence answer with no data.

I have proceeded to gain some of the information. I have viewed the floor joints, have measurements and photos of the floor joints that can be seen. Not all can be viewed because not all of the ceiling tile covering the joints was removed. The floor consists of 16-foot 2-by-12 floor joints with 12-inch centers over the classrooms and 16-inch centers over the office area.

The joints are x-braced with 1-by-4 rough oak bridging at 2-foot location. I believe the wood type is ash. I discovered a total of four floor joints that can be seen; one has a crack of 5 inches, one with a crack of 4 inches and one with a crack of 3 inches. All in one room. The other is a 5-inch split in another room. The rest of the joints that can be observed look fine.

I have tried to mediate with state board members and they were receptive at first. We the citizens of Meadow Bridge do not wish to go to court if it can be avoided. The state members were instructed by the State Department of Education not to talk to me anymore and the state board president asked me not to email members.

Where has democracy gone? I thought when board members took the oath of office that they became public servants. You the public need, like Paul Harvey, to know the rest of the story for you to decide what is right. I smell a rat; what about you? If anyone wishes to see photos, then email me at rwpatter@frontier.com. I will send. Thank you.

Randall Patterson

Meadow Bridge