Road is deplorable on Glendale Mountain

I am writing in response to the recent newspaper articles concerning the consolidation of schools in Fayette County.

As a resident of Backus Mountain and a retired Fayette County teacher, I am in agreement that many of our schools are in dire need of repair or replacement. The statement that prompted me to voice my concerns is that made by Gary Hough of busing students from the lower end of Backus down Glendale Mountain through Prince and on to Oak Hill.

Have an of these people traveled down Glendale Mountain recently? I would not allow any of my children/grandchildren to travel down this road on a school bus. The road conditions are deplorable for any vehicles, much less a school bus with students aboard. Compound this with the bad winter conditions we have here on the mountain, and you’re asking for a disaster to happen.

I do not declare myself a prophet, but if this is carried through, I can predict a serious bus accident on this mountain with certain accuracy.

Al of these people speak about “for the good of the students.” Our children’s lives here on Backus Mountain are as precious to us as they are to parents anywhere else in Fayette County.

Roy Dale Fox

Meadow Bridge