SBA to present data findings in Fayette County Monday evening; Superintendent not worried about suit

By Alex Wiederspiel in News
FAYETTEVILLE, W.Va. — Fayette County Superintendent of Schools Terry George is not worried about how the lawsuit by the Fayette County Commission and several parents, filed earlier this month, will impact ongoing cooperation between the Fayette County school system and the School Building Authority.

“I’ve not been a made a party to that,” he said. “I don’t have any information in the background on it. The SBA has been working with us for the last several weeks to get us ready for the update and to continue this process to develop a corrective plan of action.”

George said he wasn’t made aware of the suit ahead of time, but believes it won’t hinder the ongoing data collection that the School Building Authority has been undertaking since January.

“They are going to provide that data to the county residents and to the local Board here tonight, giving them an idea of what they found,” George said.

The data collection process is one of the chief concerns of the petitioners according to Fayette County Commission President Matthew Wender. He told MetroNews last week that there is concern in the county by parents and residents that they will remain in a perpetual state of data collection with no collective action.

Members of the SBA, working in conjunction with committees representing the schools in Fayette County, plans to make a presentation at Oak Hill High School Monday night to give an idea of the data trends in economics, population, and academics they’ve discovered over the past several months.

“The School Building Authority has been working tirelessly to assist Fayette County in developing this project, and they have been very supportive in getting this information ready for the committee meetings,” George said.

George was one of the architects of a plan that the School Building Authority ultimately chose not to fund last year, but said they hope to have something new to present to the SBA this Fall. The presentation of data in Oak Hill Monday night is the simply the next step in the ongoing process of reaching that point, according to George.

“We’re not addressing school closures or any consolidation issues,” he said. “What we’re addressing is the data that we found, and then we’re also going to try to look at what the citizens of Fayette County want to see in their schools. Then we can begin to develop a plan to improve the facilities.”

The original plan was part of an effort to consolidate a number of schools in Fayette County, while also improving learning conditions for students at run-down, past-their-prime facilities.

“I have not been involved with it,” he said. “I’m not concerned about the suit. Our plan is to develop a plan of corrective action for Fayette County facilities and develop a long-term plan for implementing it in the county.”

The meeting at Oak Hill High School begins at 6 p.m. Monday evening.