School Board Votes To Consolidate Four Fayette County High Schools


WCHS TV Kaylin E. Searles, Bob Aaron

CHARLESTON, W.Va. – A plan to consolidate four Fayette County high schools into one has passed the West Virginia Board Of Education.

The board voted 6 to 3 at a meeting on Wednesday. The $58 million consolidation plan means that four Fayette County schools — Oak Hill High School, Fayetteville High School, Midland Trail High School and Meadow Bridge High School — will now be consolidated into one.

Some ex-Meadow Bridge students are now looking at an 80-minute bus ride to get to school.

Eyewitness News Reporter Bob Aaron said the plan still needs financial support from the School Building Authority.  The plan will be shown to SBA by the end of the month.

Fayette County Superintendent Terry George said during the meeting that several schools are falling apart and unsafe. George claimed incoming money went to pay the staff, not maintenance.