CHARLESTON, W.Va. — With the move by the state Board of Education last week to replace the Next Generation/Common Core academic standards also came a move to change the testing of students.

First, the board put out a policy for a 30-day comment period that would change several aspects of student assessment. Secondly, state School Superintendent Michael Martirano announced the creation of the Superintendent’s Commission on Assessment that would make recommendations for changes by next spring.

Martirano wants to use a similar process to review testing that he did to recommend the elimination of the Next Gen standards.

“I’m doing the same thing in a very thoughtful process. The same thing I did with the standards review I’m going to be doing with assessments,” Martirano said. “You just can’t go in and say we’re going to use this assessment. I have to understand do we need to make any adjustments to our assessment? Do we need to have a new form of assessment? We want to have a relevant assessment that measures that we’re getting the feedback that says our standards are being taught.”

Martirano said he wanted to make sure students aren’t tested more than two percent of a child’s time based on state expectations.

“I want to make certain that we get back to the level of assessing so that we get results to improve student achievement,” he said.

The revised testing policy put out on the comment period includes eliminating social studies testing in all grades and eliminating testing in science in grades 3, 5, 7, 8, 9 and 11 along with other changes having to do with CT EXPLORE, ACT PLAN and ACT COMPASS assessments. The state would still be in federal compliance despite the changes.