STATE BOARD VOTES TO CONSOLIDATE FOUR HIGH SCHOOLS IN FAYETTE – Some Meadow Bridge Bus Rides Stretch One Hour, 20 Minutes One Way

The WV Board of Education approved a new plan Wednesday to consolidate four Fayette County high schools into a new high school, despite attempts by some board members to stop the closure of Meadow Bridge High.

Meadow Bridge parents and students have long fought against the isolated school being closed, which will place some students on a school bus one hour and 20 minutes each way.

New Fayette schools Superintendent Terry George said his county will now request funding for the new high school from the state School Building Authority, which will make its decision in December. He estimated the total cost at $52 million to $58 million, with the county providing 10 percent of that with local money, and the SBA, which distributes dollars raised from both state general revenue and lottery funds, picking up the rest of the bill.

Fayette voters have consistently voted against a local bond to finance school consolidation.

The new school would assimilate students from the four current high schools at the start of the 2018-19 school year.

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