State BOE returns local control to Gilmer County Schools

By Carrie Hodousek in News
CHARLESTON, W.Va. — Full control will be given back to Gilmer County Schools after six years of state intervention and improvements.

The state Board of Education voted Wednesday to return control to the school system.

“The issues that were there when we took over the county, we feel, have been resolved,” said Mike Green, president of the state school board. “It is always the board’s policy to return control to local school board when we feel that they’ve met the obligations and they’re capable of running their own county.”

The board also voted to return local control to Gilmer County with the caveat that the county board sign agreement to keep the local superintendent through June 30, 2017.

“When we return the county to Gilmer County, they will then be in a position to move forward and select their next superintendent,” Green explained, and noted, the local superintendent is allowed to apply for the position if so desired and should be given the same consideration as all applicants.

Gilmer County Schools were declared in a state of emergency in June 2011. Since then, the state school board has been working directly with the schools to make improvements regarding curriculum, policy, finance, facilities, personnel, transportation and creating a school calendar.