CHARLESTON, W.Va. — There’s no guarantee the state School Board Authority will vote to reconsider a proposed change in the Fayette County school facilities plan, which includes a consolidated high school.

The SBA has placed the item on its Nov. 9 meeting agenda after rejecting the plan in September. The SBA has had several conversations with Fayette County since then, SBA Executive Director David Snead told MetroNews.

“There’s a few things we’ve been able to clear up and there’s still some outstanding issues but we’ll try our best to get the amendment back on there so we can at least sit down and talk about it,” Snead said.

Procedurally, the SBA would first have to approve reconsidering its previous vote and if that is approved a second vote to adopt the change in the plan would take place. If the second vote goes in favor of the Fayette County amendment, the plan would be presented in front of the SBA on Tuesday, Nov. 10. The SBA is hearing funding requests from several dozen counties on Nov. 9-10.

Fayette County School Superintendent Terry George proposed the plan earlier this year that would close four high schools in favor of a consolidated school. The SBA didn’t look favorably on it because of the ongoing disagreement in the county and the fact that Fayette County voters haven’t approved a school bond issue since the 1970s.

The structural conditions of several school buildings have been highlighted several times since the SBA’s original rejection. State School Superintendent Dr. Michael Martirano says they may be the worst in the state. Gubernatorial candidates Bill Cole and Jeff Kessler have also visited the county.

The new energy may lead to something positive, Snead said, but as for now, the consolidation plan doesn’t have unanimous support.

“We’ve (SBA) received a lot of emails and phone calls and letters from both sides that either disagree with this project that they are proposing or agree,” Snead said. “There’s not really agreement in Fayette County and there hasn’t been for years.”

Mountain State Justice filed a lawsuit on behalf of Fayette County against the School Building Authority on Oct. 20.