GRAFTON, W.Va. — The Taylor County School Levi passed Saturday with overwhelming support (nearly 75 per cent in favor), despite limited turnout from the voters.

“To have 75 percent of Taylor County citizens say ‘yes’ to education, that just makes me so proud because it’s all about the kids,” Taylor County Superintendent Kathy Green said Tuesday on the MetroNews-affiliated “The Mike Queen Show” on the AJR News Network. “Everything affects the kids. It’s five more years for the students of Taylor County to have anything and everything they need just to give them the best education we can give them.”

The election, originally scheduled for Jan. 23, was postponed because of the arrival of Winter Storm Jonas. Even with the scheduling changes, Green said she wasn’t surprised by the support from the voters.

“They’ve supported us in bond levies,” she said. “Whether it’s additions to our schools or new schools like West Taylor Elementary that was half bond money and half SBA money or alumni that supported a brand new football field–a turf football field–and also the citizens of Taylor County, this community has always been for education.”

The levy provides the school system with 2.8 million dollars for maintenance, salaries, and other supplemental items.

“Probably our biggest chunk of our levy goes towards maintenance, and right now that’s a little over $800,000 for the next five years,” Green said.

Despite the support, only 10 per cent of registered voters turned out to vote in the rescheduled election.

“It would be wonderful to have waited until May [for general election], but my dilemma is that our levy includes over 100 people in Taylor County that would be affected,” Green said.

The employees impacted would have included band directors and other extra-circular positions that require a good deal of overtime work.

The cost of the election, which comes out of the previous levy, is around $22,000. That cost will be a little higher this year because of the scheduling change.