Two Jackson County buses involved in morning accident

By MetroNews Staff in News
KENNA, W.Va. — Nine students from Jackson County were taken to a local hospital for evaluation after two Jackson County school buses were involved in an accident Thursday morning.

“One bus rear ended another bus at low speed on Route 21 around 7 a.m.” said Jackson County Assistant Superintendent Keith Burdette. “Roughly 50 students between the two buses. I think there were 16 on one and 34 on another.”

There were five elementary students and four middle school or high school age students transported according to Burdette.

The cause of the accident remained under investigation by the Jackson County Sheriff’s Department and the drivers are being questioned.

“They reported it as is standard operating procedure. They’ve been checked for blood and alcohol testing and things like that,” Burdette said. “We’re following all of the protocols and we’ll be pulling tapes from the buses just to see what happened.”

At least one student was thrown out of their seat and into the floor, the others who complained of injuries had struck the seat in front of them according to Burdette who said none of the injuries was serious. Damage to the buses was minimal and the two buses were actually driven back to the county’s bus garage.